Planning to Get Married? Stay Safe and Take Your Health Screening

It is crucial not to dismiss pre-marital health checkups out of hand before deciding to tie the knot and live together as a couple.

By knowing each other's health conditions, couples can:

  • Prevent disease transmission: If one partner has infectious conditions, such as HIV/AIDS or hepatitis B, a premarital health screening can assist prevent transmission to the other partner.

  • Preparing for pregnancy: Premarital health screenings help detect potential reproductive issues or genetic disorders that may affect pregnancy.

  • Improved health: Premarital health check-ups can guide efforts to prevent and treat disease, thereby improving the couple's general health.

Premarital health check-ups do not mean suspecting the bride and groom of having an illness. This checkup is a preventive step to ensure your partner's health and the longevity of your marriage. Identifying and addressing health issues before a lifelong commitment helps reduce unnecessary burdens and risks that may crop up during marital life while contributing to a safe, worry-free, and smooth-sailing marriage.

So, what services do you get from a premarital health check?

GWS Medika’s premarital health screening


  • Bride
    Start from IDR 3.110.000
  • Groom
    Start from IDR 2.610.000
  • Couple
    Start from IDR 5.610.000

*include doctor consultation and admin fee.

Premarital health screening can be done at any time. However, it is recommended to do this at least six months before the big day so that any health issues can be treated immediately.

After knowing the various types of premarital check-ups that need to be carried out before marriage, you can start preparing for the check-ups. Pre-marital screening can help you and your partner build a healthy marriage.

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