Moving Forward Together: Celebrating GWS Medika Kalibata's First Year

by Kristihandaribullet
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Reviewed by dr. Yoga D.S. Kurniawan
Moving Forward Together: Celebrating GWS Medika Kalibata's First Year
Moving Forward Together: Celebrating GWS Medika Kalibata's First Year

GWS Medika Clinic, located in Kalibata City, celebrates its first anniversary this year. This clinic, founded to serve the healthcare needs of Kalibata City apartment residents and the general public, has experienced rapid growth in the last year.

The GWS Medika Kalibata Clinic provides a convenient healthcare experience with an on-site pharmacy and a comfortable waiting room. This clinic also provides services, such as doctor's examinations (consultations) and child and adult vaccines, including ICV certificates for people planning to travel to endemic areas or the Hajj or Umrah trip.

The GWS Kalibata clinic also provides vitamin boosters that help enhance immunity and protect against various diseases.

As a form of concern for the people living around the clinic, GWS Medika collaborates with apartment management to conduct various health and social activities, such as Friday Blessings, Zumba Kids, Yandu postal services, and health talks.

Improving public health

Through these activities, GWS Medika aims not only to provide quality healthcare services. We also build good relationships with the surrounding community and contribute to improving public health.

GWS Medika Kalibata Clinic Manager, dr. Yoga, said, “The GWS Medika Kalibata Clinic is one year old. We have served thousands of patients and have become part of the community in Kalibata City. In the coming years, GWS Medika Kalibata will continue to provide leading and satisfying health services based on the needs of the residents of Kalibata and beyond. We are grateful to all patients who have entrusted their health to the GWS Medika Kalibata Clinic."

Leading clinic

This year, the GWS Medika Kalibata Clinic achieved PARIPURNA-level accreditation. PARIPURNA accreditation is the highest level of assessment granted to health service facilities and is a recognition of the quality of services by health professionals to patients.

LAPKLIN (Indonesian Community Health Center, Clinic, and Laboratory Accreditation Institute) conducted this assessment.

At its young age, the GWS Medika Kalibata Clinic has demonstrated its commitment to becoming the leading health clinic in Jakarta. We will continue to strive for the quality of services and meet public health needs to international standards.

GWS Medika Clinic is open every day from Monday–Sunday, 08.00–22.00 WIB